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Breaking News about our Facebook.com Page

Dear Visitor,

We regret to inform you that Our Facebook.com Page https://www.facebook.com/netflixnewrelease ownership has been stolen on Sunday the 12, August 2018. By branda.clark@yandex.com and Facebook Business Manager: Instant Articles Business Manager ID: 226926831394638

Important our site the one you are on: https://www.netflixnewreleases.net/ is 100% fine and safe.

The message is about our Facebook.com Page not our site!!!

We tried a couple of ways of contacting Facebook.com about this issue but until now no resolution was found in resolving this issue.

There is also no way of reporting a Business Manager ID on Facebook.com or someone stealing ownership of a facebook.com page.

Currently we have lodge a copyright depute on Facebook.com. There is no other way of reporting this to Facebook.com There is no place also to submit a Facebook.com claim of ownership of page and on there help community there is a lot of scammers trying to scam you, so no help there.

So please currently on our Facebook.com Page https://www.facebook.com/netflixnewrelease be careful, do not engage with their post. They will hack you or scam you.

We are currently very disappointed with Facebook.com and reporting/submitting of info and reporting it to them. No wonder there is so much scamming and crap going on on Facebook.com

We build the page over 3 years on Facebook providing useful info and no our Brand is screwed. Thanks to not being able to report it to Facebook.

Would you please share this message with everyone of your friends and family so that we can also protect the children and our loyal users of this scammers on the Facebook page.

Thank you, we are so sorry about it

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