The Dirt: Netflix Release Date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

The Dirt is finally available for fans to stream right now on Netflix!

It’s Netflix Release Date is March 22, 2019. Watch the trailer, casting news and get everything else you need to know right here.

The Dirt Netflix

Based on the bestselling autobiography from Mötley Crüe, the film is an unflinching tale of success and excess as four misfits rise from the streets of Hollywood to the heights of international fame.

Plot of The Dirt

The Story Of How Mötley Crüe Came To Be One Of The Most Notorious Rock ‘n Roll Groups In History.

Trailer  of The Dirt

The Dirt Netflix Release Date

The Dirt’s Netflix Release Date is March 22, 2019.

Directors, Writers and Cast of The Dirt


Jeff Tremaine


Amanda Adelson, Tommy Lee


Machine Gun Kelly, Erin Ownbey, Douglas Booth, Aaron Jay Rome, Daniel Webber, Alyssa Marie Stilwell, Brittany Furlan, Iwan Rheon, Trace Masters, Matthew Underwood, Kathryn Morris, Vince Mattis, Mark Ashworth, Avis-marie Barnes, Eleanor T. Threatt

Netflix Details of The Dirt


Genres: Biography, Comedy, Drama, Music, Movies based on real life, Biographical Movies, Movies based on Books, Comedies, Dark Comedies, Dramas

Netflix Releases Year: 2019

Netflix Languages Avalible

Language: English, Audio: English, Subtitles: English


Runtime: 1h 47 Minutes

Rating/Reviews Rating: 8.6/10

PG Rating

Its PG Rating is 18+

Netflix Countries avalible for Streaming

Netflix Country Available: Global Netflix Original

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The Dirt

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