Eden is finally available for fans to stream right now on Netflix!

It’s Netflix Release Date is May 27, 2021. Watch the trailer, casting news and get everything else you need to know right here.

Eden Netflix

Thousands of years in the future, a city known as “Eden 3” is inhabited solely by robots whose former masters vanished a long time ago. On a routine assignment, two farming robots accidentally awaken a human baby girl from stasis questioning all they were taught to believe — that humans were nothing more than a forbidden ancient myth. Together, the two robots secretly raise the child in a safe haven outside Eden.

Plot of Eden

A human girl secretly raised by robots starts to uncover the dark secrets behind her lush, utopian world where humanity has all but vanished.

This show is: Heartfelt, Exciting, Feel-Good

Trailer  of Eden

Eden Netflix Release Date

Eden’s Netflix Release Date is May 27, 2021.

Directors, Writers and Cast of Eden


Marika Kono, Kentaro Ito, Kyoko Hikami, Tarusuke Shingaki, Koichi Yamadera, Yuuki Kuwahara, Yuhko Kaida, Ruby Rose Turner, David Tennant, Rosario Dawson, JP Karliak, Neil Patrick Harris, Cassandra Lee Morris, Julie Nathanson

Netflix Details of Eden

Series: Season 1 Episodes: 4
Genres: Animation, Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Japanese, Family Watch Together TV, Anime Series, Mecha & Cyborg Anime, Sci-Fi Anime, Drama Anime
Netflix Releases Year: 2021

Netflix Languages Available

Language: Japanese, English Subtitles: English


Runtime: 25 min


IMDB.com Rating: 7,3/10

PG Rating

Its PG Rating is PG

Netflix Countries available for Streaming

Netflix Country Available: Global Netflix Original

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Eden a Netflix New Release Date Plot Cast and Trailer

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