Go! Vive A Tu Manera: Netflix Release Date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

Go! Vive A Tu Manera is finally available for fans to stream right now on Netflix!

It’s Netflix Release Date is February 22, 2019. Watch the trailer, casting news and get everything else you need to know right here.

Go! Vive a Tu Manera Netflix

Mia (Pilar Pascual), a talented and fearless girl who lives with her adoptive godmother, receives a dance scholarship to the prestigious Saint Mary’s Academy, a school acclaimed for its performing arts department and elite students.

Once at Saint Mary’s, Mia looks to adapt to her new school, but finds herself clashing with the owner’s daughter, the most popular and talented girl at the Academy. With the help of her two new best friends, Mia is poised to take Saint Mary’s by storm, even capturing the attention of the school’s heartthrob and star basketball player, her rival’s brother!

Plot of Go! Vive A Tu Manera

Fiercely Talented Mia Receives A Scholarship To A Prestigious Dance Academy, Where She Soon Clashes With The Owner’s Fashionable And Popular Daughter.

Trailer  of Go! Vive A Tu Manera

Go! Vive A Tu Manera Netflix Release Date

Go! Vive A Tu Manera’s Netflix Release Date is February 22, 2019.

Directors, Writers and Cast of Go! Vive A Tu Manera


Sebastian Mellino


José Giménez-zapiola, Pilar Pascual, Renata Toscano Bruzón

Netflix Details of Go! Vive A Tu Manera

Series, Season 1, Episodes 15

Genres: Comedy, Musical, Kids’ TV, Argentinian TV Shows, Latin American TV Shows, Kids Music, Music & Musicals
Netflix Original Series
Netflix Releases Year: 2019

Netflix Languages Avalible

Language: Spanish, Audio: Spanish, Subtitles: English


Runtime: 50 Minutes


IMDB.com Rating: 9.4/10

PG Rating

Its PG Rating is 7+

Netflix Countries avalible for Streaming

Netflix Country Available: Global Original

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Go! Vive A Tu Manera

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