Wild Wild Country

Release Date: March 16, 2018

Category: Documentary

Genres: Documentary

Language: English

Run-time: 120 Min

IMDB.com Rating: 8.1/10

Distribution: Global Original

Wild Wild Country

When the world’s most controversial guru builds a utopian city in the Oregon desert, a massive conflict with local ranchers ensues; producing the first bio-terror attack in US history, the largest case of illegal wiretapping ever recorded, and the world’s biggest collection of Rolls-Royce automobiles. Over six episodes, Directors Chapman Way and Maclain Way (The Battered Bastards of Baseball) and executive producers Mark and Jay Duplass (Duplass Brothers Productions) take viewers back to this pivotal, yet largely forgotten moment in American cultural history, one in which our national tolerance for the separation of church and state was sorely tested. Wild Wild Country is historical film making brought to life on an epic scale. It’s a tale so wild that seeing means barely believing.

Director: Chapman Way, Maclain Way

Starring: Osho, Ma Anand Sheela, George Meredith

Short Plot:

When The World’s Most Controversial Guru Builds A Utopian City Deep In The Oregon Desert, Conflict With The Locals Escalates Into A National Scandal. A True Story.

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Wild Wild Country

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