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Grantchester: Season 3

Grantchester: Season 3 As the season kicks off, Geordie brings in Sidney after the corpse of a philanthropic physician — with a connection to the vicar — is discovered in the church. Meanwhile, Sidney finds himself in a quandary over his growing attachment to Amanda. If you like what you see please remember to share Netflix New Releases on Facebook, …

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Grantchester: Season 2

Grantchester: Season 2 James Norton (War and Peace) and Robson Green (Reckless) return as the improbable crime-fighting team of Reverend Sidney Chambers and inspector Geordie Keating, bringing justice and spiritual nourishment to the small English village of Grantchester. It’s 1954 and Sidney is in a good place, but things are never easy, and Sidney and Geordie soon find themselves faced …

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